Private Lessons

With a background in painting, drawing and ceramics, I offer private lessons tailored to your learning style and experience level, complete with hands on instruction and demos. Maximum of 2 students per class. My rate is $100 for a two hour session (per student) with a sliding scale option for those holding multiple marginalized identities or those experiencing financial hardship. Package deals of 2, 3 or 4 week sessions are also available. Below are the classes currently offered.

Pottery Lessons - Maya Vivas.gif


Learn how to throw on the potter’s wheel or continue to develop your skills. This class focuses on creating functional pieces such as cups, bowls, teapots and more! Limited storage for work and firings included.

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Whether you interest lies in creating sculpture or homes for your new plant babies, in this class we will explore basic hand building techniques such as slab and coil method. Limited storage for work and firings included.

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Just beginning your artistic journey, looking to try something new or a seasoned artist looking to brush up on your drawing basics? I provide hands-on guidance to explore materials, improve your technique and help you develop your own personal drawing style. 

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